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Pride Parade Route - 2019

Here is the route for the 2019 Pride Parade.

Don’t forget that the Sydney Credit Union is being used as our Accessibility Area during this year’s parade. With the parking lot being closed off for individuals who require priority/accessible seating; and inside the building being used as a quiet space for those who are sensitive to loud noise and large crowds but still want to enjoy the celebrations.

Can’t wait to see everybody’s beautiful faces next Saturday! 🌈☀️

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1 comentario

Edward MacPherson
Edward MacPherson
03 ago 2019

The parade was beautiful and so great to have seen so many folks lined to see I would have loved to watch the drag show but it was so hot and could not stay for it but I am sure it was just as great as the parade keep up the great work in having the parade and I hope to volunteer in the parade next year. Some of the drag queens I had seen before the parade looked fantastic.

May I could get one of the drag queens to do me up in drag and go in the parade next year?

Me gusta
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