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Drag Story Time Statement from Pride Cape Breton

August 1, 2022

As we are days away from the 2022 Pride Cape Breton Festival returning to full operation for the first time since 2019, we are saddened that we must acknowledge vicious online attacks blatantly rooted in bigotry, hatred, and homophobia.

In the past few days one of our most popular events, ‘Drag Story Time,’ has garnered the attention of individuals who directly oppose everything that Pride Cape Breton Society stands for. The language being used is truly shocking in regards to a family event. It is language that is clearly designed to enact a response to fuel their desire to argue facts in a comment section.

Unfortunately, it has escalated beyond online trolling.

Certain individuals have publicly stated their intent to take time out of their day, they even made signs, to protest this family-friendly outdoor event; an event where children and families are entertained by local drag performers reading children's books, provided with support from the Cape Breton Regional Library, aloud with enthusiasm.

The Pride Cape Breton Board of Directors has made the decision that the Drag Story Time will continue as planned at the Wentworth Park Bandshell this Friday, August 5, 2022, starting at 10:0

0 am. The Board is in direct communication with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and has been assured of their full support to keep our events safe and on schedule; the safety of our community members and performers is our top priority.

With that said, we are calling on our 2SLGBTQIA+ community members, supporters, and fierce allies to join us at 10:00 am this Friday, August 5 at the Wentworth Park Bandshell for a family-fun Drag Story Time.

Drag represents many things to many different people. Drag is a valid and proven art form that promotes self-expression without fear of prosecution. We are lucky to have local drag performer

s on this Island who bravely share their art with us. To them we say thank you; you are all the prettiest clowns this side of the Causeway!

Standing up against this type of hate is not something that is new to the queer community on Cape Breton Island. We need to cultivate safe environments for children to express themselves and ask questions without fear of being bullied. We need to remind Cape Breton that we will not be silenced; rather we will lead with love and support for one another always.

Questions or concerns can be directed via email to For more information on the 2022 Pride Cape Breton Festival and schedule of events, visit

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